Lunar Eclipse Photos

Got excited about the lunar eclipse last night and decided to sit out in the cold for 2 hours photographing it... really didn't plan on the 2 hours bit. Photographing the moon was way harder then I ever thought it would be. For one it's terribly difficult to focus on 100th a portion of your view finder. And second, there's a ton of settings that accomplish a clean photo but it's hard to figure out the best one. A medium range ISO, about a 1" shutter speed at a low Fstop seemed to do the trick in the end.

Btw, next lunar eclipse during the winter solstice isn't until 2094... do your best science.

Lunar Eclipse_Solstice_05


Hey Boo Boooom!

Alt Ending to YogiBear... Awesome movie reference if you're familiar.


More Great Stop Motion

Happen to have always been a big fan of this song, Slow Show, by the National which only adds to its awesomeness. The style and story are great too... well done all around. Thank you Urgs for sending!


Go Fish

Snapped this in Granada spain last month. Didn't realize the potential of the photo until I took a look at it again last night. The reflection has a very cool effect with the gold fish when flipped.


Loyal Divide: Vision Vision (Shot by BBgun)

I've been anticipating this video for a few months now since I was lucky enough to catch an early rough cut. The song itself instantly pulled me in like hypnosis- funny how the video messaging is about genocide... think there's some brainwashing found in that, right?

The video totally got me at first and then it hit me, a little ways in that this is all shot with real people... damn cool technique. Never thought genocide could be so entertaining. Nice work again BBgun!
(I'll also add that all of this was shot in BBguns studio... so cool)

Loyal Divide - Vision Vision (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.


Landscapes Reinterpreted

This looks your usual, well painted landscape right? Well it's not!
Painter/photographer/fish tank expert, Kim Keever reinvents Landscape art.

At first I didn't get entirely what was going on but after watching this youtube clip, it all makes sense. Craziest part is when he drops the paint in the water to create the clouds! Enjoy.
***Thanks for the link Jessica.